Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Music and Beer Part 2

Brad at Brewers and Union asked me to develop two new posters for their music nights. Tuesday being Tecla from LMG (magazines) night, and Wednesday being the original Real Music Wednesday night. I decided to evolve the original Roktoberfest poster idea (beer bottle guitar) slightly changing the look and feel but keeping the style and theme that same. The posters are pretty self explanatory. 

Meat and Beer 2

Shaun Bond asked me to develop a poster for Meat and Beer that ultimately showed the different cuts of meat they would be discussing on the day of their Meat Club. This poster was for Beef and folds down into an A5 Flyer. It includes a legend to help navigate the cuts and a recipe from Jamie Who?.

Logo Design - Shaun Bond
Recipe: Jamie Who?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jam Sandwich

This is a throw away poster design for Brewers and Union. It was a quick design but not what they wanted, however i felt it was cool for the blog, maybe its the colours that do it for me. Anyway the night was called Jam sandwich, and this was a first draft poster for it. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meat and Beer

Please Click to Enlarge.

Shaun Bond asked me to develop a poster for Meat and Beer that ultimately showed the different cuts of meat they would be discussing on the day of their Meat Club. This poster was for Lamb and folds down into an A5 Flyer. It includes a legend to help navigate the cuts and a recipe from Jamie Who?.

Logo Design - Shaun Bond
Recipe: Jamie Who?

Friday, February 25, 2011

mmmm Beer !

Here is a lil sneak peak of the beer posters myself and franc ( Shaun Bond ) have been working on. We are still tweaking things and trying to find a happy medium between mock vintage texture and choice of paper. Anyway... here is a sample.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beer Posters

These are 2 posters i designed to advertise 2 specials currently on at & Union. They are a little light on the concept side of things but Brad wanted me to focus on pushing a vintage feel. I am busy working on a series of typographic posters around the love of beer. I will posting those shortly.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Soul Sisters

I was briefed by Lindiwe Suttle to create a new poster for an upcoming gig she was doing with Meri Kenaz. She explained to me that it was a Rock n Soul meets Folk n Soul gig, and that she wanted to see contrast in the poster. So i decided try an illustration route here as opposed to a photographic route, using the guitars to represent the to performers. There was alot of back and forth on this but think we got something good in the end.

Maybe one day...

I have always loved skateboarding, and always wanted to do a skateboard series. So when Adrian Day told me he had an idea incorporating some old skateboarding toys he had, i jumped at the opportunity, we got together and shot these toys on an infinity curve, and Adrian broke out his copy writing skills, the result was 3 boards commenting on a corporate worlds abduction of skateboarding along with some awesome examples of "engrish", all too small to be read from the picture. So here they are:

Pink Board: Best in begin starter to USA Championship.
Blue Board: Making politely best american roller skating since many years.
Orange Board: For action of best health and successful.

Unfortunately the boards never went further than our computers, but we had a good laugh doing them anyway.... maybe next time.

Check out this link to see their other stuff.

Rock N Roll

I got a call the other day to the branding for and events company by the name of Rock n Roll events. I have been really enjoying playing around with a vintage look and feel, so i decided o take that route here. Above is a business card design for the company.

Custom Craft

This is a logo i did for a friend of mine, he decided to go it alone and start a shop fitting business.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

99 Bottles of Beer...

This one was for Brewers & Union again. This time to advertise a series of music acts which would be playing at the bar over a few weeks. Again taking beer and music as the main themes (99 bottles of beer on the wall) i came up with this... Hope you like it.

We Love Real Beer

Brad over at &UNION asked me to come up with a logo / identity for the Real Beer Initiative which is a collaborative effort between Jack Black Beer and Brewers & Union. So after much discussion and trying different roots we went for something obvious but right. So paying homage to Milton Glaser we developed the "WE LOVE REAL BEER" logo. We printed T-Shirts as well, available in white and black.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Brewers & Union

The boys over at & Union are having a Roktoberfest music series, and asked me to design a poster for the event, using the standard beer festival table cloth colours i came up with this design, basically combining a guitar and one of their beer bottles as the design. Beer and music...mmmm.

What's plan B ?

A friend of mine has recently decided to open up a new store in Kloof St and decided to call it "plan b", as it was never his original intention to open a store. He needed a logo and asked me to get it done.

I looked at plan b as a concept and realized that there is almost always a great level of uncertainty surrounding it. For example, in most cases when a character in movie states that "its time for plan b" its almost always followed by a question, "what is plan b?", "there is a plan b?" etc. So i used an upside down question mark as the b, to try bring across the uncertainty.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Red Bull Student Brand Manager Logo

This is a logo i was asked to design for the Red Bull student brand managers whilst working at Kastner & Partners. This was to be lazer etched into a brushed metal lever arch file. The brief was simple, design logo that reflects Red Bull student life... done.

Phase 2

After our 2nd hand poster campaign, Warren decided the next step was to tackle the energy issue. So he got on the line with Eskom and got them to donate a whole bunch of energy saving bulbs to our cause. What came next can only be described as genius. Our other designer, Luqmaan Essa, came up with this idea to reuse old posters as new posters and packaging for the light bulbs, so he sat for a few hours with our left over RBMA posters and developed the ingenious packaging, which folded out into posters which were again screen printed by hand in environmentally friendly, heavy metal free ink. Again all i contributed to this job was a bit of thought and layout, but it was to cool not to post.

Concept and Copy: Warren Van Rensburg (Kastner & Partners)

Packaging: Luqmaan Essa

Layout: Me

Reduce Reuse Recycle

While working with Warren Van Rensburg at Kastner & Partners in Cape Town we did a campaign for the environment, almost a challenge to other agencies to green up their act. Warren came up with a concept of using old posters to communicate this. So he got the team on the mission to source as many advertising award call to entry posters as we could find, and screen printed (by hand) our message on to them, in environmentally friendly, heavy metal free ink. When then sent some of them back to where they came from and others to various agencies. I cant take credit for this awesome idea as it was fully Warrens brain child, but i will claim the ink colour and the layout.

Concept and Copy: Warren Van Rensburg
Layout: Me

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big Money

The boys at the store reckoned it was time to redesign the gift vouchers, so after shooting all the product for the website it seemed only natural to shoot something in our photo booth for the vouchers, using our currency as a concept, i shot and made up these little guys.

The Online Store

When i first started working with Nick at a store in may had one major task for me. To finish designing their online store. All they had was the basic framework and structure, no products shot or loaded on, none of the static pages were designed, and they were still running the old blog. So not only did Myself and Nick have to finish designing the site but i also had to shoot all the product, without any camera experience, in a little photo booth that myself and Nick built. Thanks to Damon for showing me the way round a Canon Eos, and to our developers, Shaun and Mark.

Citizen Band

Over the last few months i have been working closely with Nick Stanbridge of a store, in fact we have been sharing a desk. Nick has a label called Citizen Band, and together we have been developing some new T-Shirt prints. The first two are a photo cut and paste design made from our favorite sci fi robots, Darth Vader with his helmet off, Robo-cop and General Grievous (Star Wars). The others were just some pattern based prints we did, one was based off an old mans sweater and the other was just a RGB take on your basic stripe tee. They are for purchase at a store in Kloof St and at a store in Vineyard Rd, Claremont. They can also be purchased via

Red Bull Music Academy

I did these posters whilst working at Kastner & Partners, again working with Warren Van Rensburg (Copy Writer). The brief was to create call to entry posters for the Red Bull Music Academy. We came up with the concept of "Where does your music come from". We pictured old surgeons and physicians back in the early days of medicine dissecting human beings to discover more about the human body and decided to use this as a style moving forward, focusing on the organs of the body which would inspire you to make music, namely, your brain (things you have thought), your eyes (things you have seen) and your ears (things you have heard). Due to the copy-writes in these old medical text books we had to re render the following illustrations. Which were done by myself and tattoo artists, David Chaston. The copy was written by Warren Van Rensburg.

Fear of Phobias

We got this brief in second year at Vega. The brief was to package a phobia. We were given a long list of all the phobias know to man and once we had made our chice of which phobia to go with we had to develop a character profile for the person with this phobia. We then had to package a series of items tailor made to suit this characters profile and help him overcome his fear. I went with the fear of washing and bathing, and my character was a hillbilly from the deep south who loved drinking and shooting things. The items i packaged were: bath salts in shot gun shells which came with a rubber ducky so he could go duck hunting in the bath, shampoo in a moonshine bottle, soap in a anchovy tin, and two clean but stained t shirts, so even though he was now clean, he still felt dirty.

Suckered In

Back in college we were asked to do a call to entry for a circus. We could decide on the nature of the circus and how we wanted to communicate the call to entry. I teamed up with copy writer Paul White, who wrote an entire back story about this dark circus that roamed the world in vaudevillian times and sucked souls into the circus wherever it went. The question was, how did the circus obtain the souls? We decided that the circus would obtain souls via cursed ice lollys, that had instructions on the wrappers of what to do if you wanted to join, even though it wasn't up to you. We developed a character range, and the lolly wrappers became like trading cards for the famous performers of the circus. It was my first stab at using illustration to complete the brief. We executed three final wrappers, one was for a sharp shooter, the other for a fortune teller, and finally one for the Ring Master.

Club Free Club

Another brief that i did whilst working at Kastner & Partners in Cape Town. The Red Bull student brand manager team was hosting an event at UCT. The event was an "anti establishment" golf day around the campus. This meant no clubs, no collared shirts, and every team was required to have cheerleaders making as much noise as possible. I was required to design a logo and a poster. This was the result.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Never got to rage

While working under creative director, Warren Van Rensburg, at Kastner & Partners we were asked by Red Bull to design posters to communicate their presence at the Matric Rage. We started throwing around ideas about icons representing different events and happenings and through a little thought and post rationalisation we developed the rage generator concept. Which worked like your basic slot machine, it would randomly generate a series of icons which would "predict" the happenings of your matric (grade 12) holiday. It was going to be a facebook application that people could play. Anyway this was the poster i designed for the brief that never was. The copy was written by Warren Van Rensburg at Kastner & Partners.

These bumper stickers represent what would of happened when playing the"rage generator". Once one was presented with a random selection of icons, they could draw their own conclusions as to what it meant. These were just 4 of the many options we came up with in the studio.

Cokey Falkow

During my adventure as a graphic designer i was very fortunate to get the opportunity to work on various posters for Cokey Falkow's comedy shows, one of which became a bill board. This was my latest and favorite but was unfortunately never used as Cokey moved to L.A. I took the pills as a concept because a large part of his show revolved around growing up going to night clubs in Durban... He got it.

Paper Cuts

Another brief from the college days. Here we were require to come up with a concept an execute it. It had to be based on something for someones apartment. I decided to produce a series of products which would serve as place holder products until one could afford to buy the real thing. These products could be customised right down to the last detail. The products were a Holga camera, a speaker and a retro alarm clock.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Salvation for all

This was a brief that i worked on with Paul White, a copy writer and one half of Headline Payoff. He had a approached me with a concept that dealt with a fast food style religious placement agency. The idea was that a person could come into this agency and have a religion tailor made to suit there life style. We then came up with a series of promotional items based on Christianity, Satanism, and Cult, to help promote the place.

For Christianity we produced a pocket pouch, which contained a pop out Jesus and a sin list, for first time confessors to tick off what they had done wrong, the sin list was designed to be extremely long and almost impossible not to tick something off. The pack included a bumper stick which simply read "I have Jesus" and a mug which said "Yes i'm meek, but just you wait till my cup runneth over "

For Satanism we produced packaging for a vinyl LP, the idea here was that aspiring devil worshipers could play the LP ans wind it backwards to reveal the dark lords message to his people. This was packaged with a bumper sticker, which read "Cut me off, im a Satanist" and a mug which read "In Satanism all cups are double D"

For the practice of Cult, we took a take away coffee cup and designed a band to go around it, inside the cup was our own designed sachet of kool aid, and a mini sachet of poison (not really). The idea here was once the person had read up all he needed to know on cult, he could take the "final step". This was packaged with a bumper sticker which read "My other car is a space ship" and a mug which read, "Kool Aid anyone?".