Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Red Bull Music Academy

I did these posters whilst working at Kastner & Partners, again working with Warren Van Rensburg (Copy Writer). The brief was to create call to entry posters for the Red Bull Music Academy. We came up with the concept of "Where does your music come from". We pictured old surgeons and physicians back in the early days of medicine dissecting human beings to discover more about the human body and decided to use this as a style moving forward, focusing on the organs of the body which would inspire you to make music, namely, your brain (things you have thought), your eyes (things you have seen) and your ears (things you have heard). Due to the copy-writes in these old medical text books we had to re render the following illustrations. Which were done by myself and tattoo artists, David Chaston. The copy was written by Warren Van Rensburg.

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