Thursday, October 7, 2010

Maybe one day...

I have always loved skateboarding, and always wanted to do a skateboard series. So when Adrian Day told me he had an idea incorporating some old skateboarding toys he had, i jumped at the opportunity, we got together and shot these toys on an infinity curve, and Adrian broke out his copy writing skills, the result was 3 boards commenting on a corporate worlds abduction of skateboarding along with some awesome examples of "engrish", all too small to be read from the picture. So here they are:

Pink Board: Best in begin starter to USA Championship.
Blue Board: Making politely best american roller skating since many years.
Orange Board: For action of best health and successful.

Unfortunately the boards never went further than our computers, but we had a good laugh doing them anyway.... maybe next time.

Check out this link to see their other stuff.

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