Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fear of Phobias

We got this brief in second year at Vega. The brief was to package a phobia. We were given a long list of all the phobias know to man and once we had made our chice of which phobia to go with we had to develop a character profile for the person with this phobia. We then had to package a series of items tailor made to suit this characters profile and help him overcome his fear. I went with the fear of washing and bathing, and my character was a hillbilly from the deep south who loved drinking and shooting things. The items i packaged were: bath salts in shot gun shells which came with a rubber ducky so he could go duck hunting in the bath, shampoo in a moonshine bottle, soap in a anchovy tin, and two clean but stained t shirts, so even though he was now clean, he still felt dirty.

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