Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Never got to rage

While working under creative director, Warren Van Rensburg, at Kastner & Partners we were asked by Red Bull to design posters to communicate their presence at the Matric Rage. We started throwing around ideas about icons representing different events and happenings and through a little thought and post rationalisation we developed the rage generator concept. Which worked like your basic slot machine, it would randomly generate a series of icons which would "predict" the happenings of your matric (grade 12) holiday. It was going to be a facebook application that people could play. Anyway this was the poster i designed for the brief that never was. The copy was written by Warren Van Rensburg at Kastner & Partners.

These bumper stickers represent what would of happened when playing the"rage generator". Once one was presented with a random selection of icons, they could draw their own conclusions as to what it meant. These were just 4 of the many options we came up with in the studio.

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