Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Suckered In

Back in college we were asked to do a call to entry for a circus. We could decide on the nature of the circus and how we wanted to communicate the call to entry. I teamed up with copy writer Paul White, who wrote an entire back story about this dark circus that roamed the world in vaudevillian times and sucked souls into the circus wherever it went. The question was, how did the circus obtain the souls? We decided that the circus would obtain souls via cursed ice lollys, that had instructions on the wrappers of what to do if you wanted to join, even though it wasn't up to you. We developed a character range, and the lolly wrappers became like trading cards for the famous performers of the circus. It was my first stab at using illustration to complete the brief. We executed three final wrappers, one was for a sharp shooter, the other for a fortune teller, and finally one for the Ring Master.

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