Thursday, September 17, 2009

Phase 2

After our 2nd hand poster campaign, Warren decided the next step was to tackle the energy issue. So he got on the line with Eskom and got them to donate a whole bunch of energy saving bulbs to our cause. What came next can only be described as genius. Our other designer, Luqmaan Essa, came up with this idea to reuse old posters as new posters and packaging for the light bulbs, so he sat for a few hours with our left over RBMA posters and developed the ingenious packaging, which folded out into posters which were again screen printed by hand in environmentally friendly, heavy metal free ink. Again all i contributed to this job was a bit of thought and layout, but it was to cool not to post.

Concept and Copy: Warren Van Rensburg (Kastner & Partners)

Packaging: Luqmaan Essa

Layout: Me

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