Monday, September 14, 2009

Salvation for all

This was a brief that i worked on with Paul White, a copy writer and one half of Headline Payoff. He had a approached me with a concept that dealt with a fast food style religious placement agency. The idea was that a person could come into this agency and have a religion tailor made to suit there life style. We then came up with a series of promotional items based on Christianity, Satanism, and Cult, to help promote the place.

For Christianity we produced a pocket pouch, which contained a pop out Jesus and a sin list, for first time confessors to tick off what they had done wrong, the sin list was designed to be extremely long and almost impossible not to tick something off. The pack included a bumper stick which simply read "I have Jesus" and a mug which said "Yes i'm meek, but just you wait till my cup runneth over "

For Satanism we produced packaging for a vinyl LP, the idea here was that aspiring devil worshipers could play the LP ans wind it backwards to reveal the dark lords message to his people. This was packaged with a bumper sticker, which read "Cut me off, im a Satanist" and a mug which read "In Satanism all cups are double D"

For the practice of Cult, we took a take away coffee cup and designed a band to go around it, inside the cup was our own designed sachet of kool aid, and a mini sachet of poison (not really). The idea here was once the person had read up all he needed to know on cult, he could take the "final step". This was packaged with a bumper sticker which read "My other car is a space ship" and a mug which read, "Kool Aid anyone?".

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